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Cold Water and Sanitary Plumbing System
We provide value engineering design for the management of cold water and sanitary plumbing system in a building. We design and built system for the flow of incoming water from the authority’s main pipe for internal distribution till the discharge to the manhole using material that meets the BS standard to ensure high quality of cold water system performance. Similarly, our design also includes an efficient outflow of discharge that meets the local authority requirement.

Air-Conditioning System
We provide turnkey solution to produce thermal comfort, quality indoor air and optimum humidity control in all types and purpose of buildings while reducing its environmental impact. We size suitable HVAC system to ensure efficient room air distribution, remove odour and excessive moisture, prevent stagnation of the internal air, and reduce air infiltration while ensuring minimal non-renewable energy, air and water pollutant emission and complying with the industrial standard and authority guideline.












Microelectronic and Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
We design, supply, install, built and maintain electronic cleanroom system (Class 1,10,100, 1K,10K and 100K) compliant to the Federal Standard 209E (1992), ISO 14644-1 (1999), IEST Recommendation Practices, GMP, FDA, SMACNA, ASHRAE, IEE, LPC and Australian Standard.



Electrical and Telecommunication Cabling System
We provide a complete electrical cabling system from the Authority Main Switch Board via the Vacuum Circuit Board, Step Down Voltage Transformer and Electrical Switchboards to all the electrical points in a building. We also design and built Telecommunication Cabling System for telecommunication from the Main Distribution Frame to Sub Distribution Frame and Telecommunication panel. Both the systems conform to the BS standard and local authority requirement.

Fire Fighting Services
We design and built the full range of fire fighting system using the latest technology that comply with the local authority’s requirement and meets the clients’ safety needs. Our system covers the following:-

  • Sprinkle system
  • Hose Reel system
  • Wet/dry riser system
  • Hydrant system
  • Dry system
  • Fire Alarm system



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